Friday, October 26, 2012

As we go through life, we notice that human are always selfish, people can comment  alot but when ask to help they will hesitate and withdraw. For instance, one is needed of financial aid, the other will says I can chip in but how much? In terms of their ability they will only give less than 1% of what they have......

God helps us to be far-sighted.....beyond what is required now and look beyond the goodness and things above which you have prepared for us...

Friday, December 9, 2011

New Blessings

Another year passing by...2011 going to 2012. To recall, I don't accomplish much but as usual working and learning from Him.. As the days goes by, I wish I can do more than I am doing now..
But it is never too late will strive harder and take life more easy and work harder to win more souls for the Kingdom of God.

His blessings is uncountable and I truly thank Him for providence, protection and guidance.
He is always there for me, when I needed Him for comfort, He is there, when I needed assurance and encouragements. He is there, when I am down and He sent His angels to watch over me. I am just fortunate to have a friend, father, saviour, God like Him.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

God is there always

Shanghai trip have been a fun and learning experience to me.
1) Praise God for allowing us as a family to travel and share the laughters and appreciate God's creation together.
2) We experience the poverty in their country and life style.
3) The whole trip is so pressured that it finally exploded (Buying! buying!)
4) They are so caught up with their commission that we are so fused up by them.

But I thank God for creating such beautiful scenery. We enjoyed ourselves with their performances. Acrobatic/ dances/ art and advances.

One word for all : I don't think I like China...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mission - India

In the midst of considering whether to go for the Mission trip to India. I was deliberating whether I should go or just shelf it. The fear of safety, hygiene, foods, drinking water and many others. Family members discourage me from going because they says I should not leave my two girls behind.

Somehow, God wants me to learn from him, He wants me to know who is actually in control. Article from India children were sent to me and my friends from Singapore stayed in my place share her ministry in India. What a coincidence.

To my very surprise, I share with E.thye, tiff and Hilary, they encouraged me and ask me to go ahead if I have the passion to go. See, worry over worries is a waste of time.

Prayer and listening to Him is necessary.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

God is faithful.

When I ask Him for at least 200 students for VBS. He told me that I have to trust Him and believe that He is going to give me this number. Then I commit it to Him in prayer almost everyday.
Then, another problem came up. The carnival needs lots of helpers and gifts.

As time is drawing near, things were few and not many responses. I began to worry. Again I remembered what He has promised me. So, I just leave it to Him. And today, i have enough gifts and helpers.

I praise Him, for making everything goes well. I thank Him for my team of committee and rest of the helpers. Today, we have 204. So, this serve to teach me that when we leave it to Him with faith, things will turn out ok.

All glory be to God!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Children are inocent but smart

I play a game with the children's club kid last Saturday. I am the genie and I have given them the power to becomes God. If you were God..........what are you going to do....

- one of them says, she will take all of us to the moon.
- one says, she will wash up all the people.
- He says, he will kill all bad people
- One little boy says, he doesn't know and will ask his mother.
- one girl says, she will turn everyone into good people
- and this boy says, he will wish all good luck to be with him everyday.
- one wants to be rich always
- this boys says he wants to control everybody....
You see, kids, kids, kids, they still think of '"SELF"

What about us???

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Insights

Body of christ? the church, sometimes I wonder how many people really understand our church theme this year? "Love God, Love People"

Coincidence or by purpose God allowed me to hear unpleasant comments from leaders of our church. We are called to love God first or are we called to love people first. In my opinion, our church theme should be "Love People, Love God" why do I said that????

Many leaders, pastors, teachers portray an outlook of loving God sincerly and zealously serving, but sad to say that they fail to portray an outlook of loving people. I hardly hear word of encouragement or edifying words from leaders,teachers,pastors or brothers & sisters, but rather setbacks or criticism. We are quick at seeing failure but slow to see the willingness of one striving hard with sincerity to serve.

I guess, if i will to be given an opportunity to share, i can count an endless blessings God has given to Canaan.

Not to reveal too much!!